Nos – You Only Live Once

Here’s a new project that I did with VFX mega-studio MPC for Nos Energy Drink. My contribution to the project were the morphing and de-aging of the oldest man to the middle-aged guy. More specifically, I de-aged the face and body including wrinkle removal and re-shaping the body and musculature; I added, and subsequently removed, the cataracts in his eyes; and I un-broke the man’s nose. This process required dozens of hours of work to accomplish the final look.


Nissan Altima

A commercial from the Spring of 2014 introducing the new Nissan Altima and it’s new NASA-inspired zero gravity seats. My colleagues at Framestore and I painstakingly removed some very intricate pulley and harness systems that allowed the floating to look as realistic as possible. It doesn’t hurt that this commercial fell right on the heels of Framestore winning the Best Visual Effects category at this Academy Awards for Gravity, being that the commercial shared a similar feel.